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Isabelle and I picnicked with our dog by the little lake at the border between France and Italy at the col de la Lombarde which is about 2300m high.

We watched the sun set over the Alps and then set up the camera and timer by one of the old stone sheds partially erect at the top.

The camera clicked away for more than two hours but when I returned to it to shoot a dark frame and light paint the foreground I discovered in horror that the front of the lens and in fact pretty much all the equipment was covered with dew !!!

Only the 16 first frames were usable … the remaining where completely black because of the dew 🙁

Lesson learned …

This image is a composite of 16 4′ exposures at f/4 and 100 ISO plus one 4′ black frame and a couple of 15″ and 20″ exposures at f/4 and 200 ISO where I light painted the ruin. They have been assembled using my Image Stacking Gimp script.

Category: LandscapeLong ExposureNightStar Trails

Image URL: http://photo.tassy.net/night/col-de-la-lombarde/