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Coming back from a lovely diner at my cousin’s, I parked near this field off of a small rural road and setup my tripod near this old, crumpled abandoned barn which I had spotted a few days before.

I sat there for a bit over an hour and a half, disturbed only by a couple of passing cars (which did the light painting of the barn for me 🙂 ) and a family of wild boars in search for food in the neighbouring fields 😉

You can see the light pollution produced by the industrial estate located a few kilometers away and honestly, I thought it would ruin the picture but in the end I think it turned out OK. I did set the white balance to Tungsten to try and compensate the orange hue I could see.

This image is a composite of 21 4 minutes exposures and one black frame that I put together using my home grown script.

Category: LandscapeLong ExposureNightStar Trails

Image URL: http://photo.tassy.net/night/abandoned-barn/