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It’s been over two months now since Oscar our beautiful black Lab has left us and I had wanted to post a picture of him as a tribute but just browsing through the images would bring tears to my eyes …

He’s been a great friend for years, always happy to see us when we came home, always bringing a toy or slippers as a gift, always playful even when he aged, always up for a walk around the neighbourhood no matter the weather and always hungry, he could sniff a piece of bread from half a mile 😉

What he enjoyed most was swimming and fetching huge pieces of wood we’d throw … Winter, summer, sea, river or mountain lake, no matter the temperature, he’d rush in …

Unfortunately, as he aged, he suffered from a severe case of arthritis which reduced his mobility month after month and last December 21st, on the day of the supposedly end of the world, we had to have him put to sleep … He was 14 and a half.

He sure left a void in the house … 40kg of unconditional love missing … and it still feels odd not seeing him coming to steal my slippers in the morning …

So rest in peace my old friend, I’ll never forget you.

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