8mm 400D Arizona autumn babyfoot bagpipe balloon Baltic sea barn barrel race baryton Batu caves beach Big Basin Redwoods State Park bishop black lab blue hour board boats Bodie boudoir Bukit Timah bulb burial burning Calern California Canon Carmel carnival carqueiranne cascade canyon castle cat Caussols cello chess Chinese chipmunk christmas Chunghak Dong circle circle quadrature close-up clouds cold col de la lombarde Colorado colorful composite confetti confucianist cowboys cowgirl crane cross Cuges les pins dead tree Death Valley desert diving board dog Donghwa Sa door dora the explorer Durango dusk Edinburgh egg Empire State Building empty Eric Estonia fall feeding ferris wheel financial crisis fire fisherman fisheye fishing Flat Eric flea market foosball football forest for rent fridge Grand Canyon grand teton groundhog gun handwriting harakiri hard disk hard drive hat Hatshepsut hdd HDR Hearst castle helicopter hell Helsinki high key hk holidays horse hot air balloon ice fishing Italy jail jazz jenny lake jessica juggler katana kilt Kings Canyon Kuala Lumpur labrador Lac Saint Jean landmark leaves lego light lightbulb lighthouses light_painting lingery lizard Loch Ness Mammoth hot springs Manhattan medieval festival Mesa Verde milk model monkey Mono lake Mont Dauphin Monument Valley moon moonset motel mountain mourning ND400 New York Nice Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur observatory OK Corral oscar palm tree pan panning panorama Parker partial desaturation passenger peaceful peno perdeid Peribonka peril Place Massena poker polaris Port Maurice Portovenere prayer present prison professor_richet purple queen Rebel XTi red refrigerator ribbon RIP road rodent rodeo sadness Saguenay Saint Laurent du Var sand sax saxophone Scotland sea self portrait sepia shoe Silverton Singapore snow snowman soccer South Korea spiderman spitter square stacking stagecoach stare stars star trail stone suicide sunset surf Tallinn thirst tic tac toe tram tramway tree trees umbrella Utah waterfall wild windmill wood game wool writing Yellowstone yoghurt yogurt Yosemite
Abandoned Barn Farewell Edison Financial crisis Autumn leaves Mourning


My name is Vincent Tassy, I live in the south of France but I have had the chance to travel the world through my work or on vacation with my little family Isabelle and Florian.
I’m an amateur photographer and through this photoblog, I wish to share my passion; posting images I enjoyed shooting, trying to convey the emotion of the moment.
Feel free to leave comments if you’ve enjoyed any particular picture or share on the social networks.

You can find information about the gear I use on this page and if you’re interested in my post-processing and tools I use, check out my other blog The Linux Darkroom.

I participate to a local photo club, the IBM La Gaude Photo Club.

I also maintain another site where I post snapshot pictures from around the world: Show Me The Planet